rare item in lost saga

Player versus Environment

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PvE is Lost Saga’s form of playing against the AI. It adds an element of single player and co-op play that doesn’t require too many people.Currently there is only one PvE mode, known as Crusade Gears


In Crusade mode, players enter the Dark Citedel which is inhabited by skeletons. Rumour has it that great treasures await those

Epic Gear Catalogue

Hero Weapon Armor Helm Trinket
LS GS1.jpg
LS GS2.jpg
LS GS3.jpg
LS GS4.jpg
LS GS5.jpg
LS GS6.jpg
LS GS8.jpg
LS GS9.jpg
LS GS10.jpg
LS GS11.jpg
LS GS12.jpg
LS GS13.jpg
LS GS14.jpg
LS GS15.jpg
LS GS16.jpg
LS GS17.jpg
LS GS18.jpg
LS GS19.jpg
LS GS20.jpg
LS GS21.jpg



Jumpers Blue Jumpers Gold Jumpers Purple Jumpers Blue Soccer Uniform Red Soccer Uniform
Monk's Robe Dark Monk's Robe Fire Suit Hanbok Idol Outfit Priest Robe
School Uniform Servant Uniform Suspenders Tornado Robe


Bunny Ears Dark Bunny Ears Blue Psycho Helmet Red Psycho Helmet Angelic Halo Golden Halo
Phoenix Circlet Fedora Hurricane Hat Pharoh's Crown Priest Biretta Pumpkin Head
Translocator Vampire Mask


Angelic Wings Dark Angelic Wings Bazooka Shark Bazooka Crazy Board Devil Wings
Developer K's Backpack Electric Guitar Fire Orb Flamethrower Gyro Bomber Howling Blades
Mini Gun Fairy Wings Rocket Board

22 gagasan untuk “rare item in lost saga

  1. woy gue dapet rare item nih dari kue kebaikan .. sebuah ramuan yg bisa bikin badan hero jadi kecil , tapi ga bisa di pake ,, ada yg tau caranya ga?? balaassssss

  2. I had been looking for suggestions for my very own web site and found ur post, “rare item in lost saga Hafizaditra blog’s”, will you care in the event that I personally make use of a few of your own ideas? I am grateful ,Danny

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